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Can I bring my kids to Radfest 2?

Yes! You can bring your kids, but they’ll need to have left the venue by 8:30pm to comply with licensing laws. However, kids under 12 get in for free! Simply “buy” a free kids ticket!

Will there be food?

Yes, there will definitely be food. Delicious, delicious food.

How much of my ticket money goes towards the charity?

We’re using PayPal to collect the money for the ticket sales, and about 88p from every ticket will go to PayPal in form of fees. Some of your ticket will be used to pay expenses but the rest goes to charity. We’re making zero profit.

Can I buy tickets on the door?

You can, but we’d advise you to buy them in advance here as at Radest 1, they sold it super fast. If you arrive after 7pm, you’ll only pay £10 on the door.

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